Sunday, October 25, 2009

I, Juan de Paraja

I read the book I, Juan de Pareja. This book is about the life of the slave Juan de Pareja, better none as Juanico. Juanico starts out as the slave of a very nice woman by the name of Emilia, when she died of the plague Juanico was inherited by her nephew. On the way to his home Juanico was beaten by a gypsy. When he finally got there his new master treated him very well. “Master,” as Juanico called him, was a painter.
When Juanico found out why he couldn’t paint, it was illegal in Spain for a slave to paint, he was devastated. Why couldn’t he paint? Was it his fault that he was born a slave? As his master went through many paintings, many apprentices, and many trips, Juanico wanted more and more to be able to paint. Then Juanico couldn’t bear it any longer. He had to paint. He stole colors from his master and painted in secret for years until Bartolone started giving colors to him after he confessed of painting to just Bartolone. After many years of painting Juanico confessed of painting to his master. His master’s response to this was setting him free. Juanico still stayed with his master as an apprentice. Then Juanico married his Mistress’s slave, Lolis.

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