Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jacob Have I Loved

From a seven-year-old's point of view: bla bla bla. From a twelve-year-old's point of view: ???. I will probably like this book a lot more when I read it when I am older. I do love the author of this book (Katherine Paterson is the National Ambassador to Children’s Literature, When I read Bridge to Terabithia, I was the perfect age. But when I read Jacob Have I Loved, I was about five years too young. I think that this book is a good read for girls 12 and up. Katherine Paterson is one of my favorite authors, and I think that this book will be no exception when I read it when I am older. So, I will give this book two ratings, one now and one in two years.

2007 Rating:  *
2012 Rating:  ***
I still can't get over the awful experience of reading this book, but I am begining to like it more

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