Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Phantom Tollbooth

Several readers (Sam B.) have been urging me to read this book for a LONG time.  My parents swear they read it to us once, but I don't remember that.  I just read it as an assigned novel for my 5th grade class.  And...I LOVED it, you all were right!!!  This books is a dream come true for someone who loves words, reading it was like being submerged in a sea of words!!  It was more fun than listening to an episode of A Way With Words.  And, bonus, numbers and math were part of the fun.  I am both a nerd and a geek and this book was great for all sides of me.  I am sorry I waited so long, so, if you haven't read it don't wait!  I'm sure you will join me in adding it to the list of books that you reread for fun.


  1. I'll put it on our "to read" list! :)

  2. So thrilled you loved it! It's fun to read aloud (helps with word savoring). I'm reading it right now with my boys.

    I've had students over the years who haven't liked reading but have loved PT.

  3. I read this last month for the first time (at age 46!) I had put it off as well. It was wonderfully clever and fun. I put it on my husband's TBR pile and he loved it too. I think this is a book that many kids enjoy, but then have a deeper appreciation of when they read it again as adults.

  4. Yeah, Laura - I'm glad you read this one! If you ever get the chance to listen to Norton Juster speak, make sure to do it - he is great!
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati

  5. How cool that you listen to A Way With Words! That's my favorite program! I listen online to a continuous stream of episodes while I'm illustrating my books. I've heard hundreds by now.

    Phantom Tollbooth was my favorite book all through my childhood. Glad to hear you enjoyed it too :)


  6. I love this book!!! I think that the first time you read it its very confuzzling
    but if you read it again it all makes sense, very out of the ordinary.
    - KiwibirdzACE

    P.S Have you ever read The Name of this Book is Secret??