Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Graveyard Book

Since the 2010 winner is about to be chosen, I thought I would review the 2009 winner. This book is about Nobody Owens, a boy that starts out as a very young baby whose parents were murdered. He was adopted by ghosts in a deserted graveyard across the street. The only humans he knew were his guardian, who brought him food, and a young girl who came to play with secretly. While I was reading this book, I was very creeped out by it. But in the end, I turned out to really like it.

Rating: ****


  1. This is a very interesting and at the same time creepy book.
    A lot of people mistake it, but i think you did a good job putting it on your list

  2. Center Grove Middle School North StudentNovember 17, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    I liked this book. The beginning is weird, but it is good. It was a little creepy, but then I did not read it this year or anything. I would suggest this book.

  3. I am a fourth grader. I love books! We have something at our school Called A.R. where you read books and take tests on them. Each book has a different minimum of points depending on how big it is. For the whole school year this year I have 247.9 A.R. points! The Graveyard Book is awesome! I loved it. It was great. I didn't get the first chapters name at first then I realized they named the boy Nobody. That is why it was called how Nobody came to the graveyard. I loved this book.