Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Invincible Louisa

This book is about Louisa May Alcott, the authoress of Little Women. It tells the story of her life: the poverty, the shortness of food, and the more pleasant times. The story would remind most of Little Women because Little Women is based on Miss Alcott's real life as a child. This book told, in a way appropriate for children, about the life of a "young lady" that needs to work to support her family. I liked this book because it told only about the parts of her life that someone would find interesting. It didn't tell about the events of her life in a way that you know what time she went to bed on November 30th, but it didn't only tell you about big events; there were some details. It tells a story that is true without sounding like just a bunch of facts.
This is one of my favorite Newberys.

Rating: ***** (my new second-favorite)


  1. What's your first favorite, Laura?

  2. My all time favorite so far is Caddie Woodlawn, secound is Lousia and third is Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. I wonder if my favorites will change again before I finish...

  3. Wow, I think I read this when I was growing up. I didn't realize then that it was a Newbery winner, because I don't think anyone had informed me about the Newbery Medal. I must have read Little Women about 10 times during my childhood. My sisters and I could recite the entire first page by heart. That would explain why I was so glad to find this book in the library. I will have to check it out again.
    Thanks, Laura!

  4. I am really looking forward to reading Little Woman, it may be the first book I read after my Newbery project is done.