Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strawberry Girl

I found the local language used in the dialog even more annoying than Old English!!! For me, it took away from the story instead of making it better. If I was an average kid trying to read this book, it would have been put in the pile of books to donate. But, I kept reading and, eventually, I was able to get the meaning of the story picked out of the old-fashioned dialog. Birdie Boyer's family is trying to make a living by farming strawberries, and it turns out that sounds a lot easier than it is.

Rating: ***


  1. I loved this book when I was young but I tried to read it recently and had trouble. I think it helps me realize why some people have trouble reading BLUE.

    I was so fascinated by the illustrations in Strawberry Girl. Her world intrigued me.

  2. It is interesting that sometimes use of local or period language makes a story better and other times it takes away from the story. I guess part of that depends on the reader. Hmmmm... Lots for authors to think about.