Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Dark Frigate

I’m finally done! It is not a good sign when that is what you have to say at the end of a book. The Dark Frigate is NOT my favorite book. My dad says I should talk about how I learned lots of new words because there is lots of Old English. But, ugggggggggg! This book was about young Phil Marsham. He was raised as a seaman, and was until he was taken ill with a fever. While he was recovering, Moll Stevens took care of him. During his time with Moll, there was a terrible accident which cosed him to flee from town. He ended up on the Rose of Devon until the ship was captured by pirates. With the pirates he leads an adventurous life. Phil thinks he will be a pirate for ever. I’m just glad it is done. To anyone on the Newbery committee please never choose another book like this! Children everywhere will thank you!



  1. I have never read this one, but had to say, "Ha!" Love an honest review! Thanks for letting me know to skip it.

  2. Hi Laura! I found your blog through the 90-sec Newbery website ( I actually am on my own quest to read (or reread) through all the Newbery Medal books.

    I just finished the Dark Frigate on my train ride into work this morning, and I completely agree with your review! It took a lot for me to make it through this one.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews. Keep on reading!