Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuck Everlasting

When I read this book I was amazed by the concept of immortality.  At first I thought that the Tucks had the perfect life and envied them, but I, with Winnie, realized that their lives had a few drawbacks.  No friends, no family, no real life, now growing, no changing, not very many of the things that we enjoy in life.  Although they will live forever, they will never really live again.  I found that Winnie had a huge adventure even though she only traveled about 20 miles.  I feel as though any day with the Tucks would be an adventure, but Winnie's was the best.  And to think that it only took a day, and then the bit at the end in the future.

Rating:  *****


  1. I'm so keen to get to reading this book. Have heard such great things about it. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. Thanks for updating with great information...Hope so it is good as it looks..

  3. most people under 13 do not understand the concept of the book, but i am glad that you do. The book is very sad and delves deep into the subject of immortality.