Friday, April 16, 2010

The Trumpetor of Krakow

This book was weird, weird, weird! What IS the Great Tarnov Crystal? Why did Joseph have to protect it? But, despite its weirdness, I kind of liked this book. It was yet another adventure story that was set in medieval times; this is a common theme among Newberys. I wonder what kids today would have to protect with their lives… Most boys would respond by saying video games, and most girls would say their family. What do you protect with your life?

My answer: my family.

Rating: ****


  1. Congratulations Laura, you should be very proud of yourself! I am a children's librarian in New York state and I am working on the same project of reading all the Newbery winners. So far I have only read about 8 - first I read all of the Caldecott winning picture books. Right now I'm reading "Invincible Louisa" and I really like it. Next I will probably read Caddie Woodlawn.

  2. my answer any common human soul