Friday, September 23, 2011

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy

It is a little unusual to read a story about a kids being raised by their dad, and The Penderwicks was unusual in a very good way!  I have had this on my to read list for a long time (I had planned on wearing it when I came back from ALA two years ago, but I obviously came home with lots more books) and finally had to put it on the top of list to read in before reading the new Penderwick book for Mock Newbery 2012 (stay tuned for a review of that).  I loved getting into Batty, Jane, Skye and Rosalind's lives, each girl had such a unique personality and you really felt like they were each developed fully as characters.  I am SO like Jane!  Many people have compared this book to Little Women, and while I love both books, I think this book is different and should not be compared that way.  I did love all the adventures and supporting characters, it makes you realize how many people are in the story of our lives!

Rating:  *****


  1. When I was at ALA, a rep from Listening Library gave me this book in audio. I listened to it while painting my bedroom walls and loved it.

  2. I also loved the individual personalities -- they felt like real kids!