Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walk Two Moons

This is a story about Salamanca Tree Hiddle, a thirteen year old girl, and her journey with her grandparents, Gram and Gramps, to see her mother. Along the way, Gram asks Salamanca to tell her a story. Salamanca tells them about Phoebe, one of her friends back home. To us she also tells another story, this one more serious, about her mother and herself. I liked this book because is was sweet and sentimental. It also had a little bit of a surprise ending.
I read this book a while ago, but a friend asked me to post about it.



  1. Laura!

    I wanted to comment and let you know how impressed I am with your goal and your persistence and determination to reach it! Bravo for you! I too enjoyed Walk Two Moons, and I'm looking forward to following you through the rest of your journey in reading!

    All my best,

    Lindsay Eland

  2. Your new look is excellent! I feel like I am in an indie bookstore when I read your blog now.
    Happy New Year Laura.
    Love, Judy

  3. Laura,

    I LOVE this book. I was truly surprised at the ending the first time I read it. Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors.

  4. Thought you would like to know that the Association for Library Service to Children (part of the American Library Association) featured your blog Friday - Congratulations on a great blog!

  5. Lindsay Eland,
    Thank you so much! I saw that you are an author, I really want to be a writer so I’m so excited that you came to my blog. I can’t wait to read your book, it is on my “after the Newbery project” list!

    Thanks, it is fun to make a new look. I can’t get a custom design because my mom says I have to do free stuff only! I love bookstores, bookstores and libraries are the BEST!

    Pat Pat,
    I am planning on reading other books by her after the Newberys. Did you think the ending was sad?

    I know, it is super cool to have so many librarians know about me. I LOVE librarians. Thanks for visiting my blog 

  6. Laura,

    I was so surprised by the ending that I cried the first time I read it. It's pretty sad but in the end it is still OK.


  7. Hi Laura, I tried to post about Walk Two Moons a while ago but I couldn't get it to send. I liked this book because the characters really grabbed my attention and the ending was crazy! Also I found the mysterious notes interesting. I tried to read a few other Sharon Creech books but didn't get into them as much as this one. Thanks for doing this blog! Have fun on your trip to the conference too!! Your friend, Blaire V