Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

For a while this was my second favorite Newbery. Then it started slipping down the list as I read better and better books. Now it is sixth or seventh; I like The Giver about equally. It was the tale of a wooden doll that about fifteen girls had at some time or another during it's first hundred years. Any adults like it? I don't think any will. It's more of a childish book that I liked when I read it at seven.

Rating: *****
I will reread and rerate it when I am older.


  1. Hi Laura,

    My name is Laura too! I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am studying to be a librarian when I "grow up," but I am 48 years old! It just took that long for me to realize what I wanted to do, after a few other careers that I did not like too much. Anyway, I am taking a Children's Literature class this semester for my masters degree in Library Science. I read Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, and I loved it! I think it is very cleverly written, and I enjoyed it very much - more than I thought I would. I just wanted to share my opinion with you, and let you know there is one adult out there who liked it!

    Laura, the future librarian :)

  2. Hi Laura

    I am a fellow Hoosier who now lives in Florida. I enjoy reading your blog and I am impressed by your reading list!

    Hitty Her First Hundred Years is one of my favorite books and I own several Hitty Dolls. I even have a blog dedicated to all things Hitty.

    Books and Dolls are two of my favorite things and I hope I never outgrow them.



  3. Shirley,
    Wow, thanks for sharing your website. I had no idea that Hitty dolls are something people collect. As I was reading your blog, it made me think about how cool it would be to own a doll. How many are in your collection? Is it ever possible to get a doll for less than $100? I hope other girls who read Hitty visit your site to learn more about the dolls that have been played with for years.

  4. Laura,
    I think Laura is the perfect name for a librarian, that is the name of the Children's librarian where I went to story time when I was little, I thought it was so neat to have the same name! I LOVE librarians, and it seems like you will make a great one!
    Laura (maybe I'll be one, too, someday)