Wednesday, July 21, 2010


What a funny book!  This was the first Andre Clements book I ever read. I liked it so much that I have read AND enjoyed several other books by him.  Nick Allen decides to create a new word to replace the word pen, an idea that appeals to kids who want to change the world in some way.  All of the adventures that Nick has are really fun.  This is the kind of book that kids like even if it is not exactly at their reading level.  For the record Andrew Clements was my brother's favorite author for a while so there is definitely appeal for boys and girls! 
Rating: *****


  1. I literally read this book last night! You have great timing with your posts, lol.

    It was funny too, thinking about when this book was published. I was in sixth grade when it came out -- wish I would have read it then.

    Thanks for the review!

    Best, Megan

  2. You should read his other books, they are also really great. Thanks for reading my blog!