Monday, June 7, 2010


"Writing stories is a kind of magic, too."

I think that this line is as true as any line can be. I hope to be an author when I grow up, so writing IS magic to me. Meggie’s experiences with a book whose characters came out were both scary and adventurous. Because several of the main characters in Inkheart loved books, the author was able to cleverly weave other books into this story, something that will appeal to readers. As I read this book, I wondered if some parts were unnecessary, but when you try to choose which parts it would be better to take out, you can't decide on any because each piece of the book ties into the story and the story wouldn't be as strong without those parts. I recently talked about this book with a friend who is 18, and she talked about how much she LOVES this book, so it appeals to lots of ages. I get to meet Cornelia Funke, at an event during the ALA conference. I am really looking forward to meeting her and talking about how magical writing can be.

Rating: ****

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