Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Westing Game

I just got a chance to reread this book when it was assigned in class. Rereading it a group is hard because this book is a mystery and I already knew the end but, my classmates did not. I think that Ellen Raskin, the author of The Westing Game, was right when she said that her readers are "young enough to read slowly, and the slower the better for my books." This was another Newbery that is worth reading lots of times, just make sure to read it slowly!

Rating: *****

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  1. Hi Laura -- My name is Mrs. Plantan and I teach sixth grade at Zionsivlle Middle School. Your dad gave me the link to your blog because we share a common love of books. Your Newberry quest is so impressive! I have not read every Newberry, and I'm really old! ; ) My sixth grade students have blogs about their school work and the books they read. With your permission I'd like to share your blog with them so that they can comment on some of your reading and get ideas for books they might like to read too. You might also enjoy reading and commenting on what they are doing. Many are linked to my blog. Please join in the discussions.