Monday, October 4, 2010

Harriet the Spy

Harriet Welsch, an aspiring writer, is the kind of main character that is great because she gets to do things that I would really like to do. I liked reading about Harriet because she is so much like me (both aspiring writers). When I was younger (around 8 and the same age I first read the Harriet Series) I went through a phase of "spying" on everyone I saw. My notebook was full of things I wrote down about my family and friends. I like the idea that spying is like the kind of observing of people that good writers do. 
Thinking back about all the books I have read it is surprising that their are not too many stories about kids who who wants to be an author when they grow up.  Instead we read more about kids who want to be   doctors and teachers and mothers (and even President).  Do you have favorite stories about kids who want to grow up to be interesting things?   
In the mean time I recommend Harriet the Spy, and the whole series. 
Rating:  *****


  1. I'm always fascinated by stories about girls who want to be writers: Anne Shirley in the Anne of Green Gables books, Jo March in "Little Women," Betsy in the Betsy-Tacy books, and Cassandra in "I Capture the Castle."

  2. Sounds interesting

  3. When I read this book, I found it hard to understand, until I had compleated the book.
    I would rate it; ****.