Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maniac Magee

This book is a good book to teach kids a lesson when they don't think they are learning the lesson.  I think every kid wants to runaway at some time.  Maniac really did run away.  Seeing him keep on running makes you not really want to run away after all.  This book is good at making you think about who is allowed to be a part of a comunity.  I really liked this book and am looking forward to reading it again.
                                      Rating:  *****


  1. Great story for kids who take their families for granted

  2. My favorite books on your children's novel list Manic Magee, Anne and the Green Gables, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. They are all really good books. I'm a fast reader and some people say that I read so fast they don't think I even understand what's happening in the book. Well I do. I am actualy reading Manic Magge right now, but I'm 5 pages untill the end. Star Girl I my favorite book and I cannot belive that you listed it number 61. Well anyway you are a cool girl!