Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Door in the Wall

This book reminds me of a lot of the Newberys, especially the ones that have "king" in their title; they all have the same theme. It is about how Robin, a young boy, overcame obstacles to serve his king. Robin has a physical disability but that doesn't prevent him from saving the castle. It is also not what the book is about. I really liked that.

Rating: ****


  1. Hello Laura!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my reading blog. I think your project is very ambitious. I'm 45 and it has taken me two years to read the eleven Newbery medalists I've blogged about. I have been reading them in chronological order, which at times can be a bit trying. On the other hand it's interesting to see how children's literature changes from decade to decade. Many of the early books were not available from my public library but I was able to use an interlibrary loan system in order to receive them from other libraries around the state (of Michigan). Have you ever visited Shelfari online? There is a Newbery discussion group there. It does not get a lot of traffic, but perhaps you might find other Newbery readers in your age group there.



  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Laura. I posted an answer to your comment there today. You are an excellent writer yourself! I work at a bookstore in Montrose, CA where we have an entire shelf for the Newbery winners. This week I read A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck. His books all take place in a VERY small town in Illinois during the 1920s and 1930s. They feature the ultimate grandmother.
    I have bookmarked your blog and will be back.

  3. Hi, Laura. Thank you for your comment on my blog. We read a lot of Newbery books in our homeschooling activities. The curriculum we use, Sonlight, has many good books, including Newbery winners & Newbery Honor books, for us to read. We love it! I love that you love reading. I do too!

    Happy reading!

  4. Laura- I love your list. Some of my favorites are Crispen and Midwife's Apprentice and the Honor book Catherine Called Birdy. My reading class is reading them now. We are using shelfari to discuss them.

  5. PatPat,
    I read Crispen before I started my blog I will post a review soon. I just posted Midwife's Apprentice this week. What grade do you teach?

  6. 7th grade... I'll send your mom an email link to my class discussion on