Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anything but Typical

This is a story about a boy who has autism who becomes a great writer to escape from the challenges of being "different". It also talks about his life before he was diagnosed and how he was extra smart. I liked this book because it is a simple book to read, but when you think more deeply about it, you discover a whole new view of his life. It made me feel bad for him because of his lack of friends. I liked this book more than others because it shows all of his struggles because he was different. I think it has a pretty good chance of winning this years Newbery!
(Yes, I did read the whole book since my last post!)

Rating: *****


  1. Laura,
    You are doing a fantastic job reviewing these books. I am finding myself checking to see... "What does Laura think?"

    I did find that the new book, Anything but Typical, is not in our catalog. We will check out the list of books you are reading and see if they would fit in our fiction collection for 12 year olds and under. If they do we will try to order them ASAP!

    Great Job on your blog! Keep it up!


  2. Thanks Laura! I find lots of the books I want using the evergreen system. I am really glad we can get books from lots of different libraries, my parents say it saves money. Thanks for reading my blog!