Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Season of Gifts

Another Grandma Dowdel story, this time she is “Mrs. Dowdel” to a new family next door. Her impact on this family is just as strong as it was on her grandchildren. I read some of this story out loud to my mom and we both agree Grandma Dowdel is laugh-out-loud funny!

Rating: *****


  1. OK Laura. You have answered my most pressing question about these books. I wondered if kids in the 2000s would get all that stuff from the 1930s and 1940s. It sounds to me like you had no trouble with that.
    Thanks! I enjoyed your reviews of these books.
    Love, Judy

  2. Have you ever listened to one of the Grandma Dowdel books? We loved that. Great for summer car trips.

    I read about your blog in the Indy Star. So great to see a young girl reading great books and writing a blog to share her reflections. Good for you, Laura!

  3. I like books about the depression. I don’t quite know why, though. They seem to be more fun to read (especially out loud).
    The Grandma Dowdel books ARE great to listen to. My older brother and I never got into the video-in-the-car thing. We have always preferred to listen to books (especially when they are narrated by Jim Dale).