Saturday, April 24, 2010


I like reading historical fiction because not only do you get a good story out of the book, but you learn something, too. Blue was just this kind of book. But I still wish it wasn’t sad! I have read too many sad books this year! This is the story of Ann Fay Honeycutt and her experience during the polio epidemic of 1944 and how she was treated at the Lake Hickory Camp Hospital. But, more than just a historical recounting this was a story of how expected friendship can be powerfully healing, we all need friends like Imogene. I wonder what color my bottle would be.


PS thank you Joyce Moyer Hostetter for sending me an ARC


  1. Thanks Laura for the honest review. Sorry about the sadness! If I ever write a funny book, I'll be sure to send you an ARC!

  2. A most-excellent book! I've heard Joyce speak and during her first presentation I looked at her pictures and realized I live a few blocks from the only building still standing from the camp. The fourth-graders at my school voted this book their favorite 2 years ago when it was nominated for our state Children's Book Award. It's not often you get to read about an event in your own backyard. They were disappointed that students from the other areas of the state weren't so enlightened!

  3. Joyce,
    I really did like it, sometimes life includes sadness.

    It was great to read a book about a "less known" historical event, it is a little like learning about a secret. I think more kids in ALL parts of the country should read this book!

    Thanks for reading my blog :)