Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Why are the best books written this year all sad? I mean, really! Mockingbird starts off with a school shooting where the main character, Caitlin’s, brother dies (well, it didn’t really happen during the book, more like right before), then continues to be sad all the way to the last chapter. But, previously, Out of My Mind made me cry! Autism Spectrum Disorders are a popular topic nowadays, not just in books but as something that adults talk about A LOT. Although Caitlin has Asperger’s Syndrome, that is not what makes this book so great. The fact that it is so sad and well written and the author has put lots of thought into it and Caitlin and all of the other characters seem real makes it great. Most adults would think that kids without disabilities wouldn’t like books with main characters like Catlin (Mockingbird) and Melody (Out of My Mind) and Jason (Anything But Typical) that have disabilities, but I recommend this book to all kids (probably age 12 and up, but some 8 or 10 year olds could read it too).

Rating: *****


  1. Laura,
    I SO agree. This is a book for everybody, disability or not. The way that Caitlin grieves so matter-of-fact-ly helped me to think about the basics of grief. And yes, it was very sad -- but I was happy with the progression toward the end of the book.

  2. Wow, Laura, thank you so much for reading Mockingbird! I really appreciate that. And I'm so impressed that you read all the Newbery winners! That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations on correctly predicting this year's winner!

  3. I read Mockingbird too. Terrific book! What I loved about this book was how it helped me to understand how Caitlin processed information and emotions.

    I'm honored to say that I know the author. I met Kathy Erskine when we carpooled to a writer's workshop together.

    She's great!

  4. Hi Laura,

    I think your blog is amazing. I am a children's librarian in MA and you have really inspired me. I think you are a "good and strong and beautiful" inspiration to kids and to grownups! I am adding your blog to my favorites, because you are an excellent consultant for books to read and suggest to the kids! I wish I could read every book myself, but I just can't, and I trust and enjoy your reviews!

    Thank you!

    Laura Grant
    Children's / YA Librarian
    Millis MA

  5. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your kind words. I love books and reading and have really been lucky to connect to so many other book lovers with my blog. Librarians have always been so nice to me, thank you! I hope my reviews can connect some of the kids you work with to books they will like :)

  6. Laura, I am impressed by you and your blog. keep up the good work.
    Mockingbird is one of my recent favorite reads.

  7. Hi Laura
    I'm in a Mock Newbery Club in South Bend Indiana and i think your blog is awesome. We're actually supposed to Skype with you in November, so can't wait and see you then!