Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Interrupt this blog….

This is not a book review post, but I wanted to share some updates. A few readers have been asking for my list of “favorite” Newbery’s. My plan is to rank them in order of preference after I get all the review posted. So stay tuned for that. In the mean time if you might be interested in the Allen County Library list,; they even let me give input on where When You Reach Me belongs.

Right now I am reading possible contenders for next year’s Newbery. I wrote a grant to my local library and they are letting me host a Mock Newbery event next December. If you have suggestion for books I must consider, PLEASE let me know! When I wrote the grant they asked me to hold a Newbery program in August as part of the Summer Reading program. I am excited to talk about Newberys, the fun of reading them ALL, and reasons kids can find great books from the “Newbery shelf”. If you have any advice for this talk PLEASE share!

Finally, I am counting down the days to the ALA conference; I am so excited and can’t really believe I get to be where that many authors, illustrations, librarians and booklovers are in ONE place. Did I mention I’m really excited????

Ok, book reviews will return with the next post.

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