Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Nest for Celeste

If there is a book that has totally equal chances of being a Newbery or Caldecott, this is it. The story is in the pictures and the text. This book is a very fast read, I read it in less than a day, it tells the story of Celeste, a house-mouse in the home where Audubon lives, in great detail. I recommend this happy, sweet story to children of all ages, it is easy enough for 8-year-olds but older kids could get more out of it, too. I was glad to read such a light story after so many books that have made me cry.

Rating: *****


  1. Hi Laura! Glad you liked ...Celeste. What did you think of the description of technique that Audobon used on the birds? I found that jarring (though I'm sure it is authentic...).

    See you NEXT MONTH here at ALA!

    Think of you and your mom often.

  2. I can't wait for the conference!!! The whole thing is just too exciting! I'll see you at ALA!

  3. I agree with you Laura! Henry's illustrated book is wonderful. Let's cross our fingers for your prediction.