Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Crazy Summer

This historical fiction gave me the chance to learn more about a part of our history, and to think about the way people interact. Set in the late 1960s, this book tells the story of Delphine and her sisters’ adventures as they spend their summer with a mother they don’t know and at a Black Panther Summer Camp. Mothers that did nothing wrong (that we know of) going to jail? Shoot outs? Not knowing if you or your friends will be shot at a SUMMER CAMP? This was defiantly a difficult time! I think it is important that kids learn about this period because racism has been and is still too often a part of our country. An added bonus in this book for me is the use of poetry in the story, I love poetry and in this book poems are a key part of the story. I think that this book has a fairly decent chance of being the Newbery, but I’ll have to read it a second time to get a fuller opinion. In the mean time, you should read it too!



  1. My class is going to read this book!

  2. One Crazy Summer looks like a good book I might to read it.