Thursday, May 13, 2010

We need libraries!

Do you have any plans for Sunday afternoon? If you live anywhere close to Indianapolis, Indiana, you can meet two-time Newbery Medal winning author Lois Lowry. She is going to speak at the Glendale Branch of the Indianapolis Library. I have talked my parents into taking me; it didn’t take that much “talking into” because it is LOIS LOWRY, amazing! Did I mention that I LOVE libraries? Libraries bring the coolest speakers and programs. There has been lots of talk about closing libraries because of the economy (including the Glendale Branch); I think this is a horrible idea. In a bad economy people need libraries more than ever; for books, to use computers, to learn things and to enjoy great programs. At a library you can get all of that for free. We need our libraries! So, yeah for Libraries and yeah for the Indianapolis Public Library having Lois Lowry on Sunday!


  1. I love libraries, too! Have a great time on Saturday.

  2. There is something for everyone to love at a library! See you in June!!!

  3. Yeah Laura! I used to live in Indy and really enjoyed the Glendale Branch... but my home branch was Haughville. Here's hoping IMCPL keeps ALL of their libraries open!
    -Sam B. in Cincinnati