Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALA Day 5

This was the last day of the conference, which is a little sad, but I did get to do EVERYTHING.  I had the most amazing time and met the most wonderful people.  I also learned lots, more about different jobs in libraries and different types of libraries, more about editing and publishing (all of the authors I met seemed to really LOVE their editors), more about blogging and bloggers, more about poetry, more about awards and book reviews, and more about books. 
I got so many great books as wonderful gifts, and I heard about other books people loved that I now am really looking forward to reading.  And I heard about books that are "coming soon" that I can't wait for.  Books mean a lot to me, I can escape into them, learn from them, and experience the world and this week I was surrounded by people who "get that."  They are "my people."
I have a million thank you notes to write and I will get them done!!! But I want to shout some thanks to:
Camila Alire, Aimee Strittmatter, Laura Schulte-Cooper, and Cheryl Malden.  I know they work really hard all the time and extra hard this week and still they puts lots of energy into making everything wonderful for me.  All of the ALA and ALSC board members were super nice to me, thank you!
So many authors, who I adore, were so kind to meet me, sign books for me and talk to me.  It was so exciting I really can't describe it. And many publishers and editors were wonderful too.  
I LOVE librarians (who doesn't?), but so many of them did amazing things to make this week possible that you might really believe they have magical powers. Special thanks to Maria, Maria, and Mary who got all of this started for me. 

And thanks to Steve, the social worker turned Agent who needs a raise.

Also, thanks to my mom, who was very supportive of me during my Newbery journey and the conference.  She was also the one who carried all of my new books!!!


  1. I'm glad you had fun, Laura! It was very cool to meet you! -Sam B from Cincinnati

  2. Hi, Laura. Just heard about you from the ALA newsletter. What a cool experience for you! I cannot believe you have read ALL of the Newbery books! That is an amazing accomplishment. I will be reading your blog from now on! BTW, I am an elementary school librarian. I wish I had you for one of my students!

  3. Sam B,
    I hope you had a good time at ALA! It was nice to talk to you!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I wish that I could work with all of these wonderful librarians that I've met! I hope you are having a great summer!