Sunday, June 20, 2010

ALA is Coming Soon!!!

I can't wait for ALA!!!  I have already started packing and I know that I will have a great time.  I leave on Thursday to drive 12 hours (I have books to read and listen to on the drive!).  My mom is going to take me everywhere I need to go during the conference, which is helpful because there is SO much to do! Some of the things that I am particularly looking foward to are:

  • Cornilia Funke's luncheon
  • My luncheon
  • The Newbery/Caldecott Awards Banquet
  • Meeting Katherine Paterson
  • Schneider Family Book Awards
  • Seeing the Stacks (and winning an ebook reader Kindle or IPad, I'm not picky ; )
  • Seeing Authors
  • Seeing the two Maria's!
  • Learning Lots
  • Meeting lots of people!
If you are going be sure to say hi. I am easy to spot: I will be the ten year old girl with the GIANT smile who is on the cool red scooter!

1 comment:

  1. Have a fantastic trip! I look forward to your comments about meeting the authors and book lovers from all over the country.