Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Bottom Ten Newberys

Some people might argue about this bottom 10.  My mom sure did about Jacob Have I Loved, but they are in MY order.  Some of these books just were not a good fit for my likes (The High King and Shadow of a Bull), some were just plain bad (Daniel Boone and The Dark Frigate), and some were bad timing for me as a reader (Lincoln: A Photobiography and Jacob Have I Loved).  Rankings are hard and a little fun; I wonder if I do this again as an adult what my rankings will be...  But, I think I will skip The Dark Frigate even as an adult!
80. 2008: Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village
81. 1999: Holes
82. 1982: A Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and
Experienced Travelers
83. 1965: Shadow of a Bull
84. 1940: Daniel Boone
85. 1954: ...And Now Miguel
86. 1988: Lincoln: A Photobiography
87. 1969: The High King
88. 1981: Jacob Have I Loved
89. 1924: The Dark Frigate

 I hope that you enjoyed reading my rankings!


  1. I didn't mind "The Dark Frigate," but I never, never need to read "The Story of Mankind" again. So boring I might never have gone on with the chronological reading if I hadn't already read many excellent Newbery medalists.

  2. *gasp* Holes in the bottom 10?! Say it ain't so, Laura! Anyway, this has been such fun - thanks for sharing your picks! Have fun at Annual - maybe I'll meet you there! Sam B. from Cincinnati

  3. atleast,
    I didn't mind The Story of Mankind so much, I saved it for last and was so excited to be done that it made me like it more!

    Sam B,
    Sorry about Holes. I hope to meet you, I will be the 10 year old girl on the really cool red powerwheelchair/scooter! Can't wait for ALA!