Monday, July 26, 2010

Audio Books

I think I might have mentioned (once or twice) that I LOVE audio books.  Too often kids hear that listening to audio books doesn't count as reading.  I disagree, audio books are a great way to read.  Sometimes I listen to an audio book before I read a book, sometimes after I have read the book and sometimes instead of the book, it all just depends. The fact that my brother and I both like audio books means that we listen lots while in the car.  My whole family has been amazed at how great the performances are of the readers. I think listening has even made me better at reading out loud.  The wonderful folks at Random House Audio/Listening Library just sent me some "Mock Newbery" audio books.  I am super excited to to share them with kids participating in my Mock Newbery program. I think having some of the titles as audio books will help get more kids to participate!  They sent a book on my "to read" list, Turtle in Paradise, and it is great timing because I get very stressed out for doctor’s visits. So stressed out that I can't read, but really like to listen to great stories to be distracted.  I had a big appointment  this week and Turtle in Paradise was in the CD player on the way there and back. It always makes me feel better to listen to a book. So a big thanks to Random House Audio/Listening Library and be on the lookout for my review!

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  1. We love audio books here too! We are listening to a book (The Whipping Boy) that I did not particularly care for when I read it aloud to my boys years ago, but I really like it now that I am *listening* to it with them. Our all time favorite audio book is Old Yeller performed by Norman Dietz.