Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My mom says I should warn parents that reading this book leads to kids asking for pet seagulls.  The fact that Keeper got her pet, Captain, because he flew into her kitchen window should provide some defense; then again, my mom just said NO.  This story has a very interesting format and you hear Keeper's thoughts and the thoughts of the others in her life as she learns more about her past.  An author friend recommended this book to me, and I can see why. Keeper's (I made the mistake of calling the book The Keeper before I read it and realized that Keeper is the girls name) story will probably join One Crazy Summer, Mockingbird, and Out of my Mind in my top few Mock Newberys (how am I ever going to decide?).

Rating *****


  1. I read about your blog on A Chair, A Fire Place and a Tea Cozy. What a surprise to find out that you live in Zionsville too! I am a librarian for the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library and I write a blog about new books. I have Keeper in the stack of books by my chair at this very moment. I'll have to read it next.

  2. Hi Laura,

    As a school librarian in Brooklyn, NY I was so impressed with your Newbery accomplishments! I will tell my students about you. I also have an Indiana connection-my in-laws live in Goshen, IN, a beautiful part of the country. Keep on reading!
    Kathy Hartzler

  3. Hi Laura,

    I just heard about you at A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy, and came here and read your last 10 or so blog entries. I think you're great! I'm an author of books for children and haven't read all -- or even most -- of the Newberys yet. But I'm inspired by you. Have you read Betsy Bird's Top 100 books, too? I just reread "Tom's Midnight Garden" (I think it was actually #101) and it was just as wonderful as it was when I read it at about your age.

    Keep on reading, and I'll be following along on your blog.


  4. Thanks for reading my blog! I get excited when another blogger posts about me and I get more hits.