Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Because, sometimes, I am the luckiest 10 year old ever, I got a copy of Spaceheadz in the mail today, signed by Jon Scieszka!!!  And the timing is perfect, I have had a stressful few days at school with computer issues (I use a computer for everything because of my Mitochondrial disease, so computer issues are a BIG bummer) and tomorrow I have a very unpleasant doctors appointment.  So, a super great funny book from the master of funny was just what I needed.  My mom (being the responsible adult) did make me finish my homework before I jumped in.  And jump in I did, consuming the book in one evening!  Even, when pausing to read chapter 5A out loud (because you MUST read it out loud to an adult just to challenge their belief about what kind of books you should read!) I finished in one night!
It goes without saying that I LOVED the book, in addition to a very fun story the reader gets the bonus of some funny nonfiction learning at the end of chapters.  I think you should all go read this book, you don't have to wait to need a laugh but if you do NEED a laugh then this is perfect.  As for the Newbery chances, I am not sure, judges tend to like something a bit more serious,but we all need to laugh! 

Rating:  *****

PS Stay tune for Jon Scieszka's answers on a Favorite Author Friday soon!


  1. Oh, yay!! You got your interview. So awesome! I am indeed happy for you.

  2. Eeeek eeek eee! Eeeek eeek eeeek. Eeek? Weee eeee weeee weeeeee eeek. Eeeek!


    Eeeeeek eee weee eee…


  3. I love your websites, Major Fluffy!!!