Friday, November 26, 2010

A Friendship for Today

I've been reading a lot this week, and all of the books I've read I loved.  On Monday my class went to the library and had to pick out a Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee to read from the Middle Grade list.  I chose A Friendship for Today and liked it so much that I didn't put it down until I had finished it.  This is a historical fiction story about Rosemary, a twelve-year-old, African-American girl who is going into 6th grade at a new school - Robertson Elementary - because the public schools in Kirkland are being integrated.  I liked reading about Rosemary's struggle to make friends and thought that it was really nice how some of the kids who were nice to her you would think would be mean and the mean kids you would think would be nice.  I think it is neat that this story looked at the civil rights movement of the 1950's from the interesting point of view of a child.

Rating:  *****

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  1. I've been reading reviews of A Friendship For Today for several years and still haven't read the book.

    Thanks for reminding me!