Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gathering Blue

Sometimes people like to compare books in series and focus on the one they like best, for me I like to look at each book on its own.  It can help me be interested in a book if it is by an author I like, but some authors I love have written a book or two I don't like at all.  I read Gather Blue, because it was a gift (from one of my dad's students), a recommendation and from an author I love, boy am I glad I did.  I loved reading about Kira's futuristic world that could possibly existed at the same time as the world of Jonas (from the Giver).  Gathering Blue worked really well as a companion to The Giver (SPOILER ALERT) and I liked how at the end there was a mention of a boy that could possibly be Jonas at the end (in the author interview in the back of my copy Lois Lowry noted that "there is a reference to a boy with light eyes at the end of Gathering Blue.  He can be Jonas or not, as you wish.").  Like The Giver this is a book that makes you think on many levels, I recommend it to older elementary and middle school readers and I really think you should read The Giver first.

Rating: *****


  1. Center Grove Middle School North StudentNovember 9, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    I loved Gathering Blue so much! This story about a young woman is very touching and makes you think. Anyone should read it, and I hope love it! It is very enjoyable. I did not enjoy The Giver near as much. It is still a good book, so you definitely should keep an open mind. It just did not grab me as Gathering Blue did. My rating for Gathering Blue is five stars!

  2. i cannot find the chapter that references the boy with the light eyes at the end of Gathering Blue, where is that sentence?