Monday, January 10, 2011

And the Winner is.....

...Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool. There were  4 Honor books,  Dark  Emperor (I like this book, but the pictures were VERY important) , Heart of A Samurai (haven't read),  One Crazy Summer (LOVE and Yippee about the Scott King Award)  and Turtle in  Paradise (liked but did not love). 

From all the reading, talking, twittering and blogging I did I would say the winner was a surprise.  I haven't read Moon Over Manifest yet.  My mom tried to buy it for me today, but all the local bookstores didn't carry it.  Barnes and Noble said they had just sent all their copies back, I guess they will be re-ordering now.  I placed an online order and look forward to seeing what I think.  I was a little disappointed that Keeper and Mockingbird didn't get any recognition today and that One Crazy Summer didn't take the TOP prize but, it doesn't change how much I LOVE those books.  I got to see the awards live via Internet after my doctors appointment this morning (thanks Mom).  The anticipation was really exciting, I can't even imagine what it is like for an author or to be at Midwinter.  I have got to get a job where I can go to midwinter every year! 

I was also a little bummed about Out of My Mind not being the Schneider pick but, that may be because that book meant SO much to me personally. 


  1. I was watching the same feed along with you (but with the door to the lanai open for the breeze since it was over 75 here today). I was also reading the tweets (my favorite was "gotta love a room full of screaming librarians'). I saw that you had not reviewed Moon over Manifest, so I was guessing that you were on the way to the bookstore (at least virtually). I think I heard that this is also a first book for the author. Reminded me of a certain someone who started her 4H career as a grand champion. Keep on reading, reviewing and dreaming.

    Can't wait to hear your reviews of all the winners that are new to you.

  2. I am so impressed with your Newbery reading! Looking at your Fuse #8 list, I see you haven't read THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH yet. It's my absolute favorite mid-grade novel. I've probably read it close to 30 times (with my former students, by myself, and now with my sons). Hope to hear you've picked it up soon.

  3. Laura, knowing you I think you will really love Moon Over Manifest - it builds slowly but really packs a punch! And in terms of Dark Emperor, remember that in the Newbery criteria just because a book has pictures, that isn't a strike against it. It is only if the pictures TAKE AWAY from the text that we have problems.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting on so many books this year. I can tell you for a fact that the committee looked at these reviews, and we took your opinions seriously when reading the books!
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati

  4. Thanks Sam, I am looking forward to getting Moon Over Manifest and I think it is really cool that it was a first book, maybe my first book will be a winner some day!
    I think the fact the the pictures for Dark Emperor were so wonderful did take away a bit, you were kinda dazzled by the pictures and that took a way from the poetry. But, I really like that a book of poetry was picked. Sam, can I interview you about what it was like to be on the committee for my blog? Let me know and we can do an email interview or maybe I could even get my mom to take me to Cincinnati to do a video interview to post.
    PS. I just finished reading the Phamtom Tollbooth for School and will post about it after I do the rest of the school work for it.

  5. Laura, you know that I would be honored to have you interview me! I'd certainly be happy to do email, phone, in person... you guys are welcome to come to Cincinnati, but if you don't want to drive 2 hours I'd be more than happy to email or phone. Or Skype, if you have it!

    By the way, here's a crazy piece of news... I saw that you had read Chelsey from the Louder Than Words series. She was a shelver at my library for a long time! I can't wait to tell her how much you liked her story the next time I see her (she is at Kalamazoo College but will probably visit soon). She will be over the moon!
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati