Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Interview with Sam B.

The famous Sam B was nice enough to let me interview him about being on the Newbery Committee. This is the first Video interview I have done so I had to learn about making it into a video. To make it work I had to do it in two parts. So enjoy part one today and come back again for part two! And, THANKS SAM!!!


  1. Wow - very professional, Laura! I love it so far! My favorite part has been the little text bits you've thrown in there! =) And it's good to see that (so far) I haven't made a complete fool out of myself!

    Looking forward to part 2!
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati

  2. thanks - this was very interesting!

  3. Laura, you and Sam are a great team! He admires you and I see why!

    Nice job!

    Sam's mom