Monday, March 28, 2011

One of the Best Birthday Presents EVER!!!

My iPad 2 came today!!!!!  It worked out well that it arrived today because my birthday was spread out over a few days.  Now I have plenty of time to figure out how it works because I am on Spring Break this week.  It was supposed to come last week, but it was made and shipped from Japan and things haven't gone well there this month.  On Friday, my birthday, it was in Alaska and I found it fun to track where it was as it made its journey here.  My favorite place it stopped was Hong Kong. 
The best part is that it has my real name and lauramitolife (my screen name for pretty much everything).  How exciting!
Thanks again to my parents and grandparents for getting me such a GREAT present!  I am so excited.
For those who have iPads and other EReaders:  What is your favorite book to read on it?  Are there any cool apps you recommend?

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