Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small Persons With Wings

This was a really short and sweet book that I loved. It seemed like a little kid's book when I picked it up, and the theme was, but the words used were more advanced and the book was too long for a child's attention span. I thought this book was great because it was light and cheerful and made me smile. It even made me laugh out loud, more than once. And I don't really laugh while reading. I laugh maybe once a month while reading a book and that is saying a lot because the majority of that month, except when I'm asleep, is spent reading. I think this is a book that is wonderful for making readers smile and would be great for a reluctant reader. Even though this book has a little-kid theme I recommend if for those who need a smile ages 8-888.

Rating: :):):):):)
5/5 smiley faces:)

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