Monday, July 4, 2011

The Floating Islands

When I was reading this book I was surprised to find that the setting was in a place where girls were useful for cooking and cleaning, but nothing else. I was even more surprised to find that one of the main characters was a girl who dressed up as a boy and wished to be treated like one. My mom called this book The Feminist Book while I was reading it, starting when I told her that. I loved the whole world that this book is set in. I found it interesting how gender and race made such a big difference in how their society worked. This book would be so different if the story was set in modern day in the US. Arei wouldn't ever exist, Araene would always be a girl. Or, would she?  Is our society so much different?  I found this book really interesting to think about, and I recommend it to everyone.



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  2. This book reminds me of a Chinese legend that tells of a women who costumed as a man just to enter university and achieve her dreams. Until love revealed her true intentions...

  3. Sorry if I sound dreamy. But I am always touched by such desperate deeds and doings. If I "walked two moons" in that person's shoes, I would always feel like a dilemma.