Friday, August 26, 2011

11 Birthdays

Even though the events in this book seem totally impossible, the way the author writes makes it seem like everything that Amanda and Leo go through might just happen to you and me tomorrow.  I found this storyline really interesting, and I don't think I would mind if it did (as long as we still remember how to get out of it:):):):) ).  What the fight over is the same thing lots of middle schoolers fight over, and silence is the way arguments usually end, which I know from watching my friends.  The really excitment is part of the title.  But it took me a while to figure out how the title related in the 2nd way, so I won't say anymore.

My favorite of Amanda and Leo's birthdays was their last one, but I really liked #4 or 5 (I can't remenber which, but the one where they have the huge breakfast.  If you read the book, which was your favorite?  If you didn't, get it and read it NOW! 

Rating:  *****

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