Monday, September 26, 2011

Banned Books Week

This week is Banned Books Week and I think that it is important to celebrate children's right to read. I think that kids have a right to read whatever they want to. If a parent doesn't want their child to read a book, they can discuss that with their child. Books written for children should be available to children. Reading is the way children learn many things. Authors have a reason for every word they put into a book and if they don't believe that children or adults will benefit from the words, they will leave them out. If a book is banned from one word that its author used, children will not benefit from any of the words used. Moving books to restricted shelves does the same thing. Not all children will have access to them and they deserve that access. All children should have access to any book they would like to read. I am glad that my parents let me read whatever I want. I feel if I hadn't been able to read challenged books I would not have been able to learn so much and excel in the world of children's literature. I believe that in order to excel in all fields children need to read. The library club at my school is celebrating banned books this week by putting all of the banned books in the library on display because if you tell a kid not to open a cabinet, all they are gonna do is open it. It is like that for books. I don't like to read banned books more than other books, but I love all books and I feel like if I hadn't been allowed to read them I wouldn't have learned so much about children's literature.
In the next week I will be posting new book reviews on banned books I have read and reposting a few of the reviews I have done on banned or challenged books.  What is your favorite banned or challenged book?

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