Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Trouble with May Amelia

Lots of people debate about sequels and the Newbery, because I am a giant fan of A Year Down Yonder, I am pretty open to the idea of a sequel winning.  It just needs to stand on its own.  I have not yet read, Our Only May Amelia, so i would say this book does stand on its own.  May Amelia lives with her father, mother and many older brothers. May's father believes that girls are useful for nothing more than being wives and mothers. May Amelia is having none of it. She is determined to convince her father that girls are just as good as boys. She is a complete feminist!!!!! May struggles to gain her father's respect but eventually it tears the family apart. The story of May and her family is truly inspiring. I recommend this book to every girl, middle school and up.

Rating: *****

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  1. We love the new picture! Keep shrinking so you can get in your mother's suitcase this weekend!