Friday, January 20, 2012

My Newbery 2012 Pick!

So, I have read every book that has every won the Newbery, and for the past 3 years I have joined the mock Newbery lovers of the world, reading the best books published and picking my winner.  In 2010 I was right when I picked When You Reach Me.  Last year I LOVED several books and was a little disappointed when One Crazy Summer was not the pick.  But, it was really cool that the winner, Moon Over Manifest, was a dark horse and a first book from an author.  This year honestly, I have been all over the place.  I loved several books and some of my favorites didn't bubble to the top of other list, you all should really give the Romeo and Juliet Code a read, it is worth it!  My love of The Floating Island, makes me wonder if everyone saw the same feminist theme I did, or if that is about what I was thinking as a reader.  After much thinking I have one winner and 3 Honor book choices this year.
My winner is Okay For Now, a book I read early in the year that stayed with me.  When thinking about Newbery criteria this book really is most Newberyish.

Honor book predictions:

Inside Out and Back Again, an extraordinary journey that is worth reading and remembering.
Amelia Lost, a bit of a surprise pick for me because I don't always LOVE non fiction.
I broke My Trunk,a light hearted book that told lots in a few words, a good change for Newbery!  And I promise if it wins kids everywhere will pick it when they have to do their "Newbery" book report (my brother defiantly would.

So, now we wait for Monday morning, I will be watching live and tweeting and blogging about it all (yes, I am skipping school--don't worry I will make up the work!)


  1. I'm embarrassed to say there are many contenders this year I haven't yet read. I loved The Wednesday Wars, though I haven't yet gotten to Okay For Now. And I'm a verse novelist, so I truly need to get to Inside Out and Back Again.

    I just bought a copy of Breadcrumbs.

  2. I'll have go give those books a try and keep my eyes out on Monday for the picks.

  3. Hi Laura! Glad that you're keeping up with the Newbery books. Have you read this year's winner? It's very funny yet poignant,too.
    All best, Maria