Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Newbery Road Trip

When it was clear that I was going to reach my goal, my parents asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. My first choice was to meet someone who is on the Newbery committee. We looked to find someone near our house, but didn’t find anyone in IN. We couldn’t help but notice one of the committee members was Maria Gentle, who is a librarian in Arlington Virginia where my grandparents live. Because I visit there often, I wrote to her to see if she would be willing to meet me. She was! My mom has a work trip to Washington DC this week, and I got to come, too, to visit my grandparents. I was hoping to meet Maria now. Unfortunately, Maria is out of town. She was super nice and helpful and asked Maria Salvadore, who was also on the committee this year, if she would meet with me, and she is! I had a great time! I will post about our visit today.

The other thing I am doing to celebrate is donating this year's Newbery Medal winner to my school’s library. Because my school only goes to 4th grade, they don't have all of the Newbery winners, the reading level it too high for the majority of the kids enrolled. I wanted to get them all, but my mom said we have a budget. So, Mrs. Dempsey, When You Reach Me will soon be coming to our school library.

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