Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hints for THE Project

Along the way of doing this Newbery project I have learned lots about reading, books, libraries and patience. A few things I would tell other kids who want to do the project:

1. Newbery books come at lots of different reading levels so, if you are young when you start, start with some of the easier books. My mom says I will like Jacob Have I Love a lot more when I reread it when I'm older.
2. Get some audio books too, I don't think it is cheating to listen to some as audio books and audio books are great to listen to in the car. It is also a fun way to read with your whole family.
3. Become friends with librarians, most libraries have some Newberys. I was lucky enough to be able to go to several different libraries and use an interlibrary loan system.
4. Books make good gifts so, ask for books on you to read for Birthdays and Christmas, I got several that way.
5. Out of print=uggg! Some Newbery's are out of print, so, my mom helped tracked down tough ones to find, but a few times I was "out of books" while waiting.
6. Read other stuff, as I was doing the project I was reading books for school and books for fun. It was good to read non Newbery's sometimes (Harry Potter is not a Newberry and you HAVE to read those books) .
7. Know that you are not going to like them all. Newbery’s come in all different styles and genres, and you are not going to like them all. Having the goal made me finish books that I didn’t like and sometimes (not always) it turned out that I ended up liking them.
8. Talk to other people about books. Sometimes other kids in my class would have read some of the books and a few times they were assigned as class books. It is always fun and interesting to hear what other people think about books.
9. Have fun, I really enjoyed doing the project and hope that other kids will do it too!


  1. Laura,

    These are great points, especially #7. I'm 3/4 of the way through "Young Fu and the Upper Yangtze." I really was not enjoying the book, then all of a sudden I liked it much better! I have to hurry up and finish it since it's due back to the library on Wednesday.

  2. I heard about your project on Twitter. This is fantastic. I am a 31 year old former fourth grade teacher and I have only read 7 of these books! You have given me a goal for the summer! Way to go Laura! I look forward to following your blog as you go into Middle School.

  3. I saw that I had visitors from Twitter, how cool. I plan to keep blogging about books! Even ones I don't like!:(!