Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And Along the Way I Got Famous

My parents tease me that my "Newbery Project" has made me famous. It hasn't really, but is has made me a little famous with librarians and other people who like children's books. A real published author has even commented on my blog. This has been great fun and really exciting, here are some of the cool places I have been "talked about":, this was the first blog that talked about my project. And they invited me to their Mock Newbery event. That was great, everyone should go to one! I hope to go again next year. , The Association for Library Service to Children talked about my project around Christmas. This was super cool for lots of reasons but mostly because they are in charge of the Newbery Committee and tons of Librarians came to my blog after that! , the Iowa City Public Library twittered about my project, which is when I learned about twitter, but I don't tweet yet., the Indy Star is the biggest paper in my area. They have a column in their Sunday paper about what Hoosiers are reading (it is near the Sudoku). And they talked about my project., after she read about me in the Indy Star, I made it into this blogger's blog.,  this was super cool because not only was Maria Salvadore on this year's Newbery committee, I got to meet her and talk all about it! , this is the author that left a comment on my blog (cool!), and she tweeted about me. I am going to read her book soon!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your project, Lauren!! What were your top five favorites? I think mine would be:

    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
    Bridge to Terabithia
    The Tale of Desperaux
    When You Reach Me
    A Wrinkle in Time

    Though I do love so many of the others!

    That was very kind of you to mention me...Please keep in touch!



  2. I have your blog link on my blog. I love what you've done! I'm a Reading Specialist and I wish all my students had as much motivation as you!! Read on!

  3. Lindsay,
    After I finish posting all the reviews (I have some left of books I read before I started the blog) I am going to put them in order by favorites...stay tuned!

  4. Rebecca,
    Thank you for linking to my blog, I think all kids should love to read, it is great fun!

  5. I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, today, Laura!! I hope you have a blast and feel celebrated!!

    Lindsay Eland

  6. Thank Lindsay, I felt very celebrated thanks to you!!!

  7. Laura your fame is still spreading (all the way to Australia) even though I see you've recently finished the Newberry Challenge now! Fuse#8 mentioned your blog over the weekend. You've made a great blog and you've done some amazing things because of this challenge too- trips and interviews. Congratulations on your achievements. I know that you'll keep reading- are you planning a new challenge? I've read a handful of Newberry winners, and maybe one day, I'll have read all of them too....