Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greenwillow Books=Christmas in July

Yesterday the UPS man came up my gravel road in the middle of nowhere and brought me two giant packages full of...BOOKS! 16 brand new wonderful books to be exact.  The wonderful folks at Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, had a fun contest at ALA where the first person to get their picture with Steve Geck won a complete set of the Greenwillow Winter 2010 books, and I won!  This is majorly exciting to me; there are books of all kinds, picture books (including some I heard about during the ALA notable book discussion), books of poetry, and novels (including a Mock Newbery on my "to get" list).    So, now I am blissfully surrounded by more books.  THANK YOU Greenwillow


  1. You are one lucky young lady. Have fun reading and look forward to hearing which one is the best.

  2. Am looking forward to lots of great book reviews.

  3. Wowsie! UPS brings me boxes of books too. But I always have to pay for them.

    Congratulations, Laura!

  4. Grandma,
    I'll keep you posted!

    The reviews will keep coming! Thanks for reading my blog.

    Not having to pay is very exciting! I got 3 audio books in the mail today. It is like Christmas everyday around here!