Friday, August 27, 2010

Did I get an E-Reader?

A while ago I posted to get input on if I should buy an E-Reader.  I got lots of input from several readers, thank you!  So, what did I do?  Drumroll please............I speant my money on Kaya, an American Girl doll.  As much as I wanted an E-Reader, I wanted the I-Pad the most and it was way too much money.  So I decided to wait on an E-Reader for around  a year and get a doll for now.  I am 10, so I like dolls and American Girl dolls are great.  In case you didn't know they are all histrorical characters with thier own books.  And even though she is no E-Reader, she is pretty!


  1. Laura, I love that you chose a doll over a piece of technology. You're my kind of girl. I am waiting on e-readers until they come out with one I other words, until they make one that looks and feels exactly like a book. :-)

  2. So I guess accessories for Kaya are on the Christmas list? Grandma

  3. Laura, I wish that we could get our families together. My daughters (10 & 11) would love talking books and playing dolls with you! Hope has Kaya, and you're right...she is pretty. Enjoy the smell of paper and your new doll too!

  4. A dozen cute girls. Guess which one I think is the prettiest.

  5. Laura, I'm impressed with your goals and your blog. I love it that you're reading a variety of genres when so many bloggers concentrate on paranormal, romance, and dystopian books. You're providing a super service. We authors of tween books and our readers need you! Keep up the good work!

  6. Jennifer,
    I do like the way books smell. Both new books and library books.

    Grandma and Granddad,
    I got the accessories with the doll and you have to think I am the prettiest because I am your only granddaughter :)

    Amy LV
    ooooo I would like to get together too bad we are so far away. Let me know if you are ever in the middle of nowhere Indiana.

    Thanks so much and thanks for visiting my blog!