Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dan Darigan - John Newbery Award Committee Member

This is a super cool look at the Newbery Committee from a current committee member.  Does it make me a geek that I studied his book shelf and piles to make sure the books I LOVE this year were there?  Oh, how I would LOVE to be on the Newbery Committee! 


  1. I loved A Single Shard! What did you think of it? Her books are good in general!

  2. I tried to see his books too, I will have to watch this a few more times!

  3. Oh, Laura - thanks for posting this. So cool!

    Fingers crossed for you being on a Newbery Committee someday!

  4. Dan's a good dude - but he told me to tell you sorry about his ugly mug! (ha ha)

    I definitely second the fingers crossed on your being on the committee someday, too. The way you're going, I think the real question is... will you be the youngest ever member of a Newbery Committee? And will you get on the committee before you graduate from high school? =)
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati

  5. I loved A Single Shard and her books are great, Pragmatic Mom! Joyce, Sam, David and Kristina, I really do hope that I might make it to the Newbery Committee someday, but I think that it would be really cool if I was on the committee before I turned 15 so that I would still be in the age range of the award. How cool would that be?

  6. Hi Laura! I live out here in the middle of nowhere with you, and I am good friends with Dan, member of the Newbery committee who is featured in the video. I'm just a voice telling you that it doesn't matter where you (we) live -- you go for anything you want to be and do. Looks like you are! What a fantastic young girl and reader you are. I am so impressed!
    Rebecca Dotlich

  7. Dan Darigan was the best professor I ever had the opportunity to learn from. He taught me so much about literature and incorporating it into my future classroom and inspired me to pursue a Reading Specialist certification.

    Laura, I am going to follow in your footsteps (although I am 28 years old) and attempt to read all of the Newbery Award winners by the time I am 33. It's very impressive that you have such a passion for reading at such a young age!! Never lose that :)

    Stephanie Lasota