Monday, January 31, 2011

Rapunzel's Revenge

This is the first comic book/grafic novel I have ever read or reviewed, so this is a little new for me. I liked the book, but it wasn’t really a kind of book I enjoy reading. One of my only issues is that Rapunzel’s hair, which is such a major part of the original story and this book, looked bright red in all of the drawlings. This book kind of left me lukewarm. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love either. I will likely have to check out other comic books to see where I stand on that format.

Rating: ***


  1. Hey Laura, maybe you should try "Smile" by Raina Telgemeier next. It is about a girl who has a lot of trouble with her teeth and has to get braces and a whole lot of other gross stuff done during junior high. But it is really funny, too. I think you'd like it!
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati

  2. I agree with Sam Laura, try Smile or the Amelia Rules series or Zebrafish - all about realistic contemporary kids. You might also try Mouse Guard - kind of a graphic novel Redwall.

  3. Thanks, I will check them out!

  4. The kids in our house love graphic novels - they eat them up! Here are some we've enjoyed lately: "Ghostopolis," "The Unsinkable Walker Bean," and "Zita the Space Girl." They LOVE the "Amulet" series, and we're flying through the "Bone" books now.

    You're probably right that the format isn't for everyone. But maybe you'll find some enjoyable ones out there...